About Us


Since 1969, the Billings Sports family has been proudly serving Connecticut as the premier team sporting goods dealer. We have been providing the finest in team equipment and uniforms to our customers for over 48 years. What has kept us in business is our one-on-one attention we give every customer.



Providing quality products at a competitive price with unequaled courtesy and service. What more can you ask? That is exactly what you will get from our team at Billings Sports.



Why Choose Billings Sports?

Whether you are involved in recreational, youth, high school, college or professional sports, we have the expertise to handle your distinct needs.

Our stock warehouse, printing and offices are all in Meriden, Ct. which allows our speed and service to be number one.

We stock a large selection of athletic equipment and clothing for most team sports with the ability to ship the same day.


A dedicated salesman will be assigned to you for all your sporting goods needs.


Contact Us and find out for yourself how Billings Sports can help fulfill your needs.


Types of business we serve:

School Sales

League and Team Sales

Corporate Sales